A Salute to the Greatest "Captain America" Writers of All Time

As “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hits theaters, we look at his comic book history and the best writers to command the Sentinel of Liberty.

I think Brubaker is my favorite of the Cap writers.


Not too late to sign up for the CREATING COMICS AS JOURNALISM workshop at the College Media Association Conference in NY (March 12).   

With Josh Neufeld (and some professors).

Workshop participants will be put on the mailing list for a comp copy of the Creating Comics as Journalism textbook (publication date: late 2014).

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Being a superhero sure looks like fun.

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Something Terrible, by Dean Trippe

Above: The story so far. New webcomic strips free every Tuesday, here.

Read the entire comic now, for $0.99, here.

I just discovered Dean Trippe yesterday. This is a powerful story by a wonderful artist.

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Kryptonite in the Vatican Secret Archives! Da Vinci’s Demons is a fun show.


c. 1930s : Batgirl
Chris Wild,

Retro Batgirl.



Samurai Jack #1 cover by Genndy Tartakovsky

Love Jack as a cartoon, but don’t know if it will work as a comic book. Guess I won’t know unless I read it.

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Jim Steranko ~ the Brotherhood of Bronze Membership Packet!

If I had known about this in the 70s I’d probably have signed up.

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Famous Guns

Famous Guns in Pop Culture By Federico Mauro

Blade Runner gun.

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